Tax Cuts for the Wealthy...Again

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy...Again

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy…Again

The tax decisions in the Senate and House budget this year — as with each year — determine what the state is able to invest in. For years, North Carolina legislative leaders have prioritized tax cuts for the few over investments in all of our well-being.

Our tax code can and should support smart public investments that would otherwise not be provided or accessible to all in our state. Our tax code also shouldn’t ask more as a share of income from those with the lowest income while giving breaks to the few and special interests if there aren’t demonstrated broad-based benefits to our state.

Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman has said that it's no surprise the tax cuts are falling flat since the Republicans have played this game for decades.

“No idea in economics has been as thoroughly tested — and as completely rejected — as the notion that tax cuts pay for themselves,” he said. “The reason it has been tested so much is that Republicans keep insisting that it's true, and base policy on the claim. Then, when it fails — which it has done again and again, from Bush to Trump, from DC to Kansas — they pretend not to notice, and do it all over again.”

It's no wonder our rural poor are hungry. It's no wonder working families can't get ahead. Chuck Edwards and the Raleigh GOP are more concerned with enriching their wealthy friends (and themselves) than they are with the common good.


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