How do we define 'success' as a legislator?

How do we define 'success' as a legislator?

How do we define ‘success’ as a legislator?

When Chuck Edwards talks about how successful he has been as a legislator, one has to wonder what he’s thinking.

Is he thinking about our children and the working families of North Carolina?

Over 21% of North Carolina’s children live in poverty. The figure is even worse for children under five. Almost 23% of our kids suffer from hunger. Four out of ten of our children of color are poor (as are almost half of all North Carolina kids, of every ethnicity).

Or, when he talks about success, is Chuck Edwards talking about the top one percent?

The top one percent of Tar Heel households captures about 18% of all our state income. They average incomes of $902,972 per year. The other 99% of North Carolina households enjoy an average income of $43,550.

This represents our greatest income inequality since 1929. Who does Chuck represent? Is it me? Is it you? Or is it the interests of the one percent, the richest of the rich? Or is it just the GOP in Raleigh, with whom he votes 100% of the time?

The answer is clear.


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