Chuck Edwards and the Destruction of Public Education

Chuck Edwards and the Destruction of Public Education

Chuck Edwards and the Destruction of Public Education

I've pointed out several times that Chuck Edwards attends ALEC conferences (ALEC is an acronym that stands for 'American Legislative Exchange Commission,' and they specialize in drafting model, or copycat, legislation that can be pushed around to legislators in every state).

Recently, I posted a photo of Chuck Edwards at an ALEC conference, where he attended a seminar on how to perfect the gerrymander (he has since removed the picture).

Legislators who grab at ALEC legislation are either really lazy and just want to get bills through, or they're so far out on the 'right wing' that they actually believe what's in the legislation. Or perhaps they don't even read it but just assume it's good because it came from ALEC.

ALEC is funded in large part by Charles Koch and Koch Industries. Charles Koch is a libertarian, and he believes that the only way to correctly organize society is as a market. Total domination by the free market; no regulation, with a ruthless focus on making profits. Koch views taxation as, quite literally, a form of theft.

Well, what do you know? Koch Industries has launched a new initiative called, 'Yes Every Kid,' which is focused with a white-hot intensity at de-funding the public school system in every state and across the nation, and replacing everything with for-profit charter schools.

They won't stop there. They're also after the de-funding of public universities.

Author Christopher Leonard says, "The Koch influence machine is multifaceted and complex and I am just telling you in a very honest way, there’s a huge difference between the marketing materials produced by Americans for Prosperity and the behind-the-scenes actual political philosophy. There’s a huge difference. And here’s the actual political philosophy. Government is bad. Public education must be destroyed for the good of all American citizens in this view.

"So the ultimate goal is to dismantle the public education system entirely and replace it with a privately run education system, which the operatives in this group believe in a sincere way is better for everybody. Now, whether you agree with that or not as the big question, but we cannot have any doubt, there's going to be a lot of glossy marketing materials about opportunity, innovation, efficiency. At its core though the network seeks to dismantle the public education system because they see it as destructive. So that is what's the actual aim of this group. And don't let them tell you anything different."

As the arguments over education and the budget in Raleigh continue, keep this in mind. What is the goal of not offering teacher raises, and of de-funding public education, and of making the teaching profession very unappealing to students who would otherwise love to stay in their communities and work and teach? Why is a good public education system a bad thing?

It's all about the money. It's all about Charles Koch, and the so-called Federalists who want to destroy public education. If you keep your eye on Phil Berger and his lackeys in the Senate, like Chuck Edwards, you will see that every move they make indicates that they are one hundred percent on board with destroying public education.

If you have a Washington Post subscription, please take the time to read the article below. It's important to know what's happening with our public education system in NC and why it's happening.

Now cue the Pink Floyd song, "Money."


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