A Note From Stacey

A Note From Stacey

A Note From Stacey

Hi, everyone! I’m Stacey Caskey, Brian’s wife.

As we move ever closer to history’s most crucial election, I felt compelled to talk to you today.

Representation in government must reflect the people of the community. A man who owns seven fast food franchises is incapable of truly representing District 48, a community with a low median income and 25% food insecurity. Brian understands the needs and wants of the community because we are just regular people. I’m a lifelong educator, and Brian was an IT administrator before we invested our life savings on a dream to own a small business, a tutoring center in Asheville.

We buy local whenever possible, investing in our fellow small business community. We serve at the Welcome Table at Hope United Methodist Church. Brian is on the board of Carolina Veterans’ Coalition and Conserving Carolina. We understand that we all have the same love for our children, and while we might not always agree with all the ideologies of those across the aisle, we are members of a community and must find that bond that makes us all Americans -- not a “right” or a “left.” Both hands work together to lift anything, and until we see that, we will struggle to get anything done.

Brian was the first Democrat ever elected in Mills River, defeating the Republican incumbent mayor with the most votes in town history. It was certainly not his party affiliation that led to his victory in 2017, but his investment of time and creative solutions that convinced people to take a chance on him. He has proven them right by adding solar panels to every town-owned building, reducing our reliance on the grid by over 71%. He has proven them right by advocating for the Equal Rights Amendment, so we can truly say that we are all created equal. He has proven them right by passing resolutions for miles of bike paths to benefit the health and small businesses in our district. He has proven them right by helping to bring green industries to Mills River, like Gaia Herbs and recently luring Amazon to bring a distribution center to an unused corn field, insisting on green distribution of all packages and high wages for the 200 workers they will employ in our area. Brian routinely has Republicans reaching out and thanking him for making nonpartisan decisions that will benefit every member of District 48.

This is the kind of leadership we all yearn for. Our campaign for the people is grassroots, made up of small donations. Brian’s opponent has Duke Energy and other energy PACS financing what they hope is another two years of votes for legalized pollution and high energy rates. We don’t need two more years of North Carolina regressing in education. Brian’s opponent is a flagbearer for privatization of schools and Christian charter schools, who, frankly, are leaving our students in the dust when it comes to the 21st century job market.

We need your help. We need to let people know all that I am sharing with you today. The only way to do that is with television ads, newspaper ads, and mailings. We want a better tomorrow and hope you will invest in someone who is working tirelessly for his children and yours.

Keep safe, Stacey


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